A sexy awesome boss giy eho is banging 3 guys at a time. He is the best guy a girl could ever dream guy. He is just simply super man. He could take down chuck norris with just his good looks. Any girl that would think of rejecting him is insane and will never find happiness. He is a great athlete and very strong, he never loses in anything. He is also the best sex anyone could ever dream of.
Did you see that danny?

ya he is the perfect man.

I wish i could score him.
作者 Magic swag 2012年2月11日
A "young boy" other wise known as the 60 year old pervert. "Danny" is a name commonly used by perverts across the world to lure in children around the age of 12-17. He works mostly at night with his sexual references and chain lies to get girls wrapped around his finger. Danny is usually very persuasive in his ways and can break many girls' hearts but in the end they realise what a selfish twat.. He is💙 He is also easily offended over little things most people would find funny.
Stop lying all the time, you might become a Danny!
作者 TheRealRealDefinitionss 2015年6月28日
A really big fuck up
just look at that, he's being danny
作者 not me so leave my ass alone 2015年1月30日
Coolest Kid On Around The Neighborhood , He's Handsome And Has The Women Like All Of Them
There Goes Danny The Coolest Kid !
作者 Dazsosa 😎 2015年2月17日
The act of being such a piece of shit that flys avoid you.

When someone thinks they are important but they are truely worthless.

The act of being the worst type of human being.
God i just fucking hate Danny.

I stepped in Danny, now my shoe smells like a niggers asshole.
作者 Classy Pucker 2014年9月21日
dangling clitoris
1) she has a danny

2) your danny is rolling down your shorts
作者 mysterypongchamp 2010年4月21日
A player that you will fall involve with only to be tricked by this cheater. He will be nice looking but not hot. He will say your hot but just be lying to your face. He will make you self consios about your self. Moral of the story... Never get stuck with a Danny. Beware(this is not for all Danny's)
Girl 1) uh did you talk to Danny

Girl 2) yeah he was being a ass to me

Girl 1) gosh
作者 Roseypedal 2013年10月28日



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