A term used to confirm porch monkey comradery.
Dis happens when Lionel call out to his dawg Tyronne. Yo Tyronne wat up?
作者 Moe Foe 2005年3月30日
D.A.W.G. = Dumb Ass White Guy
Go Get Her You Dirty DAWG
作者 Jack 2005年2月19日
Dawg is a term used for anybody who has shitloads of bad luck.
Man, I'm such a Dawg!
Welcome to the Dawg's Club.
作者 beentheredonethat 2004年12月19日
a good friend or pal, someone that you would get to spot you when you lifts weights and feels your muscles while you do it and watch them convulge
Come here you little dawg.
作者 papa horno 2003年4月08日
dawg or dog "da origial gangsta"
whatup dawg!?!?!
作者 chris 2002年10月23日
how homis and wiggers say dog
its dog u fuckin idiot not dawg
作者 G Teamer 2005年11月28日
Dawg, Dog, or Dogg are words commonly associated with a blood.

Crips will usually say cuz and avoid the word dawg, dog, or dogg.
1.) Song: Every Dog Has His Day
Every Dog has his day, every Dog has his day...
(I'm a Dog killa, I'm a Dog killa, I'm a B-Dog killa)
"What up dawg?"
"Not much, just keepin those b's up."
作者 JesusnJosh 2008年4月17日


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