Delaura is a horrible. Some of the students and teachers there are so stupid. Delaura has good parts and bad parts. The good parts would be, the dean is cool other than the cowboy thing, there are some cool teachers in art, drama, spanish 2, the double class teachers, and 7th grade lang arts and science, and some of the 8th graders are cool. The bad parts are, we cant go to mcdonalds or anywere else, most of the teachers are stupid, the vice principal is horrible, most of the students are obnoxious ( expecially 7th graders), we are on the beach and cant were flip flops, and most of the facalty has nothing better to do than dress code people, and edline is a pain in the butt, but thats at every school. Overall delaura sucks! if you are a parent, dont send your kids here.
Oh..... In a different section it talks about thad and alisha. They are both cool. Get off there backs. If you have nothing better to do than post comments about what people ware than you need to get a life!
Delaura Middle School Life
Teacher: Why are you wereing flip flops?
Student: what the hell do you mean by that? WE ARE ON THE BEACH!!!!!!!
Teacher: Put some shoes on.
Student: Get a life. We are on the beach. I should be able to were flip flops.
Teacher: I dont care what you think. You are just a kid.
Student: screw you! You are just an old waste of skin. Go rot in a hole.
Teacher: you just earned yourself a detention!
Student: whatever. Its not like you are going to actully show up to make sure i come. you are to lazy.
Teacher: Ok! you win. just go sit down.
Student: Tell the whole class you have no friends, and you are a loser.
Teacher: Ok
Teacher: I have no friends, and I am a loser.
Student: hahahahahahahahaha
Student: What an idiot.
作者 The one who made you 2009年7月12日
Top Definition
a middle school resembling a prison, in satellite beach, florida. dances are the kids that plan them and the fucking teachers doing to electric slide. boys basketball traditionally sucks, the girls actually win. we have fat cheerleaders who don't compete. we can't wear flip flops, which is weird because it, ahem, ON THE FUCKING BEACH. ghetto as hell. full of poor kids and ones that want to shoot up the school. obviously zoned by a retard. nobody even pretends they don't hate it, even at the pep rally.
at delaura middle school, the dean thinks he's a freaking cowboy. sweet.
作者 "student" 2007年10月29日
Delaura Middle school is a hell-hole located by "beautiful" Satellite Beach, Florida.

Home to a Boy's basketball team that can't play for shit.

Most of the eighth graders are moderatley cool, while the sevies think they're hot shit, but they're really annoying, and everyone wants to punch them.

So far, three chicks have gotten pregnat.

All the guys are sexually confused and wear Hollister Co. *cough*Thad-A*cough*

And most girls wear short-shorts with their fat thighs giggling *cough*Alisha-B*cough*

This school only sucks becuase of the sevies and that fat bitch in the power wheel chair.
Example one-

Power wheel chair lady: Do those sandals have backs?

Slut: Fuck you betch! I hate DeLaura Middle School, and you!

Example two-

Brandon M: I'm gay and proud!

Teacher: Shut the fuck up Brandon. *rolls eyes*
作者 Heidi & Spencer from The Hills 2009年5月22日
The worst school in florida at least. All the girls are sluts, Jamie Duffey *cough and the sevies are soooooo anoying. I sware the school used to be a prison. Youre at least finilly aloud to wear sandles, you werent aloud to for years, even tough were on the fucking beach. The boys basketball couldnt win if the goal was to loose. Most of the guys, and some of the girls smoke weed Kyle Bonen *cough. One thing thats cool is the princible likes to fish, as do most of the kids. But strait up its a ghetto school.
DeLaura Middle School is a crappy school.
作者 Hey tony! 2010年12月11日
A school filled with stupid, gay, gross, nasty, people. The teachers dont teach u shit. The girls dress like whores and sluts and the guys all wear holister and abercrombie. Most people do drugs which is why they don't have lockers. It isn't a ghetto school by the way. I guess you can say it's a "white" ghetto school since there are only a handful of blacks there. I advise you to never let your child enroll here! I went there and now I go to satellite. Which is so much better!
I would never want my daughter to ever go to delaura middle school!
作者 anonomous_08 2009年3月06日
Delaura Middle School is home to it's mascot, the scottie dog. That may explain why the boys basketball team can't win one game. It apppears that they can't hire just one average person as a teacher. For one, some are lesbeans who check you out in the locker rooms, because they have a permed fro-hawk and can't find their own fro-hawked mate. Some teachers are emotional muslims who wear way to much smudged make-up which they apply every17 minutes.have 3-inch long arm hair, highlight their hair to hide their identity, cry when musliums arer made fun of, stare down students, and think they are wise in a greater power. Some are just plain out fat. They say how talking is distracting, but how can you focus when the floor is rumbling and fat is being shoved & jiggled in you face? Delaura considers the learning of flying paper airplanes important. They talk about setting good examples. Well the fat gym teachers have totally made an impact on my life. When i grow up i want to be just like them! And it's so great when they tell you to do push-ups and you ask them to demonstrate but they refuse. Delaura counts dance class as learning to do the italian jig. The faculty just loves to dress code because they hate seeing bra straps & being reminded of how small their wife's boobs are, or how big their man-boobs are. They don't let us wear flip flops beacause we will trip on the stairs. Do they really take us for that stupid? I have absolutely no idea why this 60-year building is even here. it's falling apart anyways, what a waste of space. DeLaura is full of people who will "fight" you but never do. Drama starts because a kid wore pajama pants to school. Their are many 3-ft tall kids, who attempt to shove you in the hallway. Kid's come in many shapes & sizes:cirrcular shaped, iscoles shaped, or have square heads. . It's full of guys who wear volcolm or hollister shirts and who wear sweet smelling perfume will get girls. which works on delaura girls
Teacher: Sweetie, can you please focus on you muslimWork?

Student: NO! I HAVE ADD! or was it adhd?!

Don't send your child to DeLaura Middle School.
作者 Elizabeth Moody 2009年9月06日
A middle school located in Satellite Beach, Florida. Where the teachers are lazy and dont teach you anthing. Where the girls are all sluts and whores. Where the boys are all nerds or total players. Where the boys basketball team sucks, but the girls team is actually pretty good.

Their are tons of suspenses at DeLaura, wheather is be for drugs, violent,going down the street to McDonalds, etc. There are also tons of dress codes for short shirts and flip flops(um... hello... were on the beach!)

Kid 1: That girl is a total slortch!
Kid 2: Yeah.. shes from DeLaura Middle School!
Kid 1: Well that explains it.

作者 HeyMom 2009年3月21日



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