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Food that taste very, very, good.
This chocolate cake is delicious!
作者 Chris Lewis 2004年5月19日
Used to describe someone who is very attractive and/or has tremendous sex appeal.
See Billie Joe Armstrong.
The lead singer of Green Day is delicious.
作者 Haushinka 2003年11月18日
A hottie that has it all. Brains, Bod, Personality, Tude, A True Goddess...
She is so delicious - a total package. Just the thought of her is enough to make me loose my mind.
作者 Dee-li-chus 2003年5月08日
Good..Awesome..Yummy.. Excellent in general
Stephen is soo delicious. He is the best!
#perfect #cool #awesome #great #excellent
作者 AlyssaMzzz 2008年4月16日
A word, used mostly by youtube star CourtneyRevolution as a reference to anything that is hot, fierce, sexy or really cool.
"Make sure you stay delicious!"
#hot #sexy #courtneyrevolution #great #neat
作者 GossipGangstar 2008年9月20日
used to describes anything that brings joy and pleasure, Used as an alterative to anything good, such as awesome cool, Amazing.
Optmus prime is delicious

Farmville is delicious
Justin Nozuka is delicious
Sour patch watermelons are delicious!
#cool #amazing #awesome #magnificent #fantastic. jerk #gross #bad #horrid #terrible #false.
作者 Super Deedz 2009年10月15日
The flirtatious feeling two people enjoy when they first know something fun is brewing. It's that moment when you realize, "Wow, this girl (or guy) is pretty cool. I want more of that."
Employee No. 1: You seem to be getting along pretty well with the new girl, the one from the Civil Service List. What's up?

Employee No. 2: She's just delicious. You know what I'm sayin'.
#delicious #civil service #flirtatious #fun #brewing
作者 lovingmynewfriend 2010年9月28日


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