You got a little one that's why your searching it .
I have a dick
作者 Bodmon12345 2012年4月23日
1.The man's penis
2.A mean person
Amirali Zulfiqar Ali Panjwani has no DICK!
作者 asdfasdfasdfasdf 2006年8月20日
1. a unfortunate man that was names after a penis
2 you for being a stupid fool and looking this up
hi dick how are you?
作者 la la girl 2005年5月27日
purple-headed yogurt slinger
"hey when you choke that guy he looks like a dick"
作者 Jake Vaughan 2005年5月26日
Most situations its a mald body part that shouldnt be exposed on regular occasions. The other "dick" is basically anyone named collin. Its a person that likes to push around everyone, and when u stick up to him he runs like a pussy.
Collin: *pushes* guy1
Guy1: *punches collin*
Collin: hey chill *walks away*
Guy1: yeah u better run u dick
作者 Vocabdefiner9003 2013年11月17日
The German word for "fat".
Du bist dick. (You are fat.)
作者 Nellethiel 2011年5月12日
Why are you looking this kind of stuff up on the internet? Go suck one!!!!!!!!!!!
I have a bonar because you sucked my dick! Wait a minute, why am I posting this stuff? I'm giving u real examples to u pervs looking it up. goodbye
作者 MY POST IS A JOKE 2010年12月02日



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