Top Definition
A woman's lips.
Look at the dick pillows on Angelina Jolie!
作者 Fo Shizzle My Nizzle 2004年6月10日
The pillow that is placed over one's genetailia whilst they sit.
Can you pass me a dick pillow? This morning wood isn't going away any time soon.
作者 Fear of Fleas 2011年12月03日
Bulging fleshy area on a males inner thighs, near the genitals. They give the apperance of large, tumorus, testicles.
Dude, put on your pants, we can see your dick pillows.
作者 B-Town FFL 2007年10月28日
A big beautiful set of women's lips.
Angelina Jolie has a big beautiful set of dick pillows
作者 Darth Loring 2009年7月03日


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