Someone who looks up the word dipshit.
#dumb #stupid #not smart #retarted #fucktard
作者 gastew15 2011年4月03日
Someone who looks up the word dipshit in a dictionary!
If you dont know what the word dipshit means, then you are a fucking dipshit!
#moron #idiot #dumbass #retard #dipdick
作者 theycallmeballsdeep 2009年3月28日
The people that live in Dipshitia
We are the dipshits.
作者 Julia 2004年12月18日
Those who post definitions here in all lowercase and internet shorthand and have absolutely no idea what they're talking about.
dupshits r ppl who r stuped
作者 The Almighty Rai-Rai 2003年12月02日
A gimp who wears biker gear when doesn't own a motorbike can be regarded as a dipshit.
An imogen type being is a dipshit
作者 Sukhjit 2003年6月02日
A person who has a tendancy to act, or be stupid, often resulting in his or her bullying
"You dipshit"
作者 Slap Chappie 2003年2月16日
n. - to take a shit with a dip in your lip.
- Hey Monty, let's take a dipshit.

- Hell yeah!
#tobacco #dip #shit #drop a deuce #feces #copenhagen #crap
作者 Monty Bryant 2007年5月20日


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