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Sometimes used as a synonym for the Dirty South; derived from the terms "Dirty South" and "Third Coast"
This ain't New York. This ain't L.A. This is the Dirty Third.
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作者 dirtythird 2006年10月15日
The third coast, part of the South that has coastline on the Gulf of Mexico.
The dirty third roll candy, ya haters and ya hoes can't stand it.
作者 Paul Wall 2004年3月07日
Its Simply.. Texas,
You know i rep da Dirty Third.
#texas #south #houston #dallas #san antonio
作者 Zackery Clark 2006年7月26日
to be the third guy to have unprotected sex with a chick in a short period of time. High risk of STD's since there's 2 guys and the girl's juices floating about. worse than sloppy seconds,but better than floppy fourths
Joe likes messing with the cheap prostitutes that don't like condoms towards the end of the night and usually ends up with dirty thirds.
#whore #slut #sloppy seconds #prostitute #floppy fourths
作者 Bobert Mcbobert 2006年6月24日
Level AFTER sloppy seconds, after your with, or hookup with someone, they go for another person and shit happens, then eventually you go back to that same first person for more.
ex. ''You got my dirty thirds last nightt, kid xD I hit that ages ago!''
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作者 destinyxdgaf 2010年9月14日
When someone "hooks" up with someone after two of his friends have hooked up with them prior to said hook up. The term becomes appropriate after a situation where the term Sloppy seconds suffices. Coined by Bryce aka Gunky.
That girl is you're dirty thirds.

"Dude that girl's so easy. You could totally tap that."
"Wait dude, didn't Plowman and Trash can hook up with her?"
"Yeah, but dude she's so easy."
"Na man,I don't want their dirty thirds."

#dirty #thirds #sloppy #seconds #hook #up
作者 bryce richards 2008年4月04日
The person who gets action after the sloppy second.
You did?! So did Joey Yanks and Jay 420! You got dirty thirds!
#sex #party #third #beer #ass
作者 OpieTaylor 2011年7月07日


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