to ditch means to be left or abandoned by your gurlfriend or boyfriend. They leave/abandon u because either;

a. they are bored of you
b. they think its a nicer way to break up
c. they are avoiding you because of something bad they did
d. they hate you and never want to see you again
e. they found someone better than you
f. they are immensely annoyed of you and want to spend time with other people
g. they want "SPACE" from you

all these reasons can lead to major breakdowns for the person being ditched. also they may feel unloved, uncared for and unwanted.

they can feel depressed, sad or upset. they will also say plenty of stupid things that they don't mean. if the person being "ditched" is very sensitive then it can lead to a bigger fight, especially if BOTH the people in the relationship is sensitive to not being treated properly. they are getting upset because they cannot stand being witout their gurlfriend/boyfriend for a long time. they might love each other very much, but both people hav to agree on the relationship for it to work.

overall being ditched isnt a good feeling but it happens to everyone at least once in life. it might feel like the end of the world..

but you never kno

hold strong and it will work out (:
matt: "huh? when?!"
mett: "ermm... uhh...."
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作者 [m ii l l y] 2007年8月31日
Top Definition
To leave someone or a group of people suddenly, often without their knowledge, making it all the more comical. Whoever said it comes from the German word dich is and idiot because dich means "you".
The German word dich has nothing to do with the English word ditch, numbnuts!
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作者 Senator Assface 2007年10月22日
To leave a person, place, or group of people suddenly and unexpectedly to hang out with someone else, somewhere else, or to go to another large gathering.
"I'm tired of her ditching us all the time for her boyfriend."
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作者 Pope Chris XIX 2008年2月03日
Skipping from school / not going in to school
Omg Mary are u ditching from school again?!
作者 Marie 2004年2月12日
Run away from, abandon, someone/a situation, usually not a good thing. Usually without one's knowledge.
"They ditched him while he was watching a movie."
"This is really boring, let's ditch"
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作者 Gdgfdg 2007年12月01日
An Australian Colloquialism, Ditch is the collective noun for a group of mates. It stems from the behavior "ditching", where an individual leaves a social situation without informing any other members of the group.
Hey mate, come down to the Vineyard, we've got a real ditch of mates down here.
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作者 DewittNa. 2009年11月19日
verb: To cut ahead of people who are already waiting in a line; used primarily in Central Ohio.
noun: The result of allowing somebody to do this.
"How did Bill get so close to the front of the line?"
"He asked Bob for a ditch, Bob said alright, so he ditched the line."
#cut #cut in line #butting #skipping #breaking
作者 oz115 2008年7月24日


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