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A mystical creature that was created in the land of Brunet St, more specifically, the tree of wisdom. They are most known for the estranged sound it makes. 'Eeeee-yuh'

In the winter, the donker's used their pond as an ice rink.
作者 mugwump99 2008年3月07日
A compound of Donkey+Fucker
that Bitch is a Donker
作者 Dusty Bottoms 69 2007年6月06日
A huge pair of boobs, usually on a smaller girl.
Damn! That girl has some donkers!
作者 Whiteguy1227 2009年8月30日
This is large knobby turd that really thuds the porcelain when you are on the toilet.
Dude, my anus was twisted after dropping a donker this morning.
作者 jimmy jam slam 2008年10月16日
a person who does everything wrong.

(this word is good for use around parents- it's not a swear word so you won't get in trouble. they'll have no idea what you're talking about)
big brother: you forgot to flush the toilet again!
little brother: oops.
big brother: shut up. you're such a donker.
作者 uradonker 2009年5月19日
said to a person who has just hiccuped
Mary said donkers over 20 times while John battled a horrible case of hiccups.
作者 Les Ashill 2008年7月27日
Another word for Penis.
I'll cut off your donker.
作者 g0blin 2004年9月01日


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