When used as an adverb donkey implies sexual gusto.
She went donkey on that monkey.
作者 Elroy Fitz 2004年2月01日
An assignment (ass)
I have to go work on my donkey.
作者 Kiomo 2003年10月29日
A term of identification used for anoyone who can closely imitate the stunned demeanor that donkey kong takes when he receives a serious blow to the head. This shortened form is more easily said in conversation than "donkey kong". D.K. is just too cool to be considered for such a person. Also, it carries connotations of Shrek's sidekick.
Josh Good is donkey. Call him that when you see him on Lycoming Campus and elsewhere.
作者 shorky 2005年2月17日
a nice dig ass
that girl got a nice donkey
作者 spittycent 2004年6月10日
A male friend who may or may not be gay.
'Sup donkey? How are you doing?
作者 Jeff 2003年7月21日
(a) A male or female with an exceptionally large ass.
"Damnn, did you see that girl? She got donkey"

"Even in those football pants, he got donkey."
#synonyms: badunkadunk #back #bootay #butt #ass
作者 AMBER REX 2005年11月03日
Local term for a Slot Machine
Hurry up ma mon! Stop feedin' that donkey cos the taxis 'ere!
作者 toastface 2005年8月13日


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