an untrainable Retard
Hey Donkey just hang yourself get it over with
作者 PG FireGOD 2009年12月30日
An illegal immigrant that is willing to work nearly all day everyday for cash that he can send back to the home land.
Dave, the donkey at the pizzeria, works 80 hours a week for 5 dollars an hour so he can buy a chicken farm in El Salvador.
作者 bigmoedorito 2009年11月10日
Donkey- a real retard, the person eho picks up the tab & is still a npgmf! Someone who likes to talk about fighting allll day long!
Quit being a retarded donkey duck.....shut up Jeremy!
作者 Jennyannmc 2009年8月29日
A football (soccer) play with physical presence but little ball control, passing or shooting ability. A donkey typically "hoofs" the ball.
"Emile Heskey couldn't hit a cow's backside with a banjo. He's such a donkey."
作者 madpaddad 2005年4月06日
also see shosky for more information
Shosky alternate definition -Jackass,Donkey
作者 God (accept no substitute) 2005年2月25日
An Irish man or woman who just acts really fucking Irish.
That donkey mick bastard had sex with the dog again!
作者 NickiG 2004年2月05日
a person who often takes pictures of himself in the mirror. usually a person named chad who has low self-esteem n doesn't know who he is, or where he is going in life. a person who has many goals n didn't accomplish any yet. someone who is secretly gay. someone who is broke,n has no money.
what a donkey that guy!
作者 channing lopez 2010年5月30日



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