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The brown stuff that comes out your ass
I doodie all the time.
作者 Rocky 2004年5月03日
1.(n.)an unpleasant word that usually small children use to describe how they don't like someone; just plain creepy when a parent says it.
2.(n.)a nasty brown substance that comes out of your rear and lands in the toilet.
1.child: "No I don't want to go into time out! You're such a doodie!"
2.Ralph looked into the toilet and saw someone forgot to flush; there was a doodie floating in there.
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作者 Kirsti Ferret 2007年10月20日
It's the kind of nonsense you just can't describe. It's a big kid breaking a little one's key in the door because he was too impatient. It's buying a framed picture of the Joker when your friends just want to pick up Mike Tyson's documentary because Blockbuster is having a sale. It's crying because you didn't put on sunblock and got sun poisoning and can't go on any of the rides at Disney World. Doodie has many definitions, and it is higher on the scale than poop, but lower than cockie.

Doodie, cockie, and poop are often preceded by the terms "pure", "absolute", and "really" often to emphasize just how high the caliber of doodie that has been done.
Friend 1: Oh man, did you see Craig today? He was wearing a cabana hat and listening to Harm's Way on full-blast!

Friend 2: Wow, that's doodie.

Friend 1: Yeah, that guy is pure doodie.
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作者 ChineseLesbian 2012年1月04日
another word for $hiT, visit
dude i doodie all the time
作者 Your Name 2003年7月07日
a very ugly gurl/boy
Chris: A bruh look at dat gurl ova there.
Ricky: Damn, dat chick is a doodie!
#ugly gurl #doodie monsta #doodie #ulgy #chick
作者 rickjames1103 2008年2月21日
a really big butt
Alberto: damnn that girl got a doodieeee!!

juan: yea i know daw she finee.
#butt #booty #ass #fine #donk #big butt
作者 sofresh813 2010年5月20日
the hoodie that someone wears everyday. short for daily hoodie.
Person 1: He wears that hoodie everyday.

Person 2: Dude, that's his doodie.
#daily hoodie #n/a #n/a2 #n/a3 #n/a4
作者 Tanooch 2011年2月23日


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