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(noun) This is a sex toy used by lesbians in pairs to enjoy a cock without having to deal with men.

What makes this sex toy popular is the fact that both women bask in the orgasm of each other. The more one tries, the better it feels for her and her partner. It's kinda mutual.

Other versions of this toy include squirters at each of the heads and vibrators.


Lesbian 1: I miss cock.
Lesbian 2: I'm horny and I too miss cock and I hate men.
Lesbian 1 & 2 (together): LET'S USE A DOUBLE DONG!
(15 minutes later): *sighs of relief and orgasm*
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作者 iocaoo 2009年2月28日
A dildo with a head of a penis on each side, most likely used in lesbian sex acts.
Hey Jen! Tonight can we ride the double dong????? I want to ride that mofo so TIGHT that I want our clits rubbing together!
作者 Nick Q 2005年8月20日
Two wrongs don't make a right, but two dongs make it tight
Me and fat are gonna double-dong em up!
作者 Weinger 2003年4月10日
1. Often used to describe a double sided or two headed sexual device known commonly as a dildo.
"Man that's one long double dong" or "Constance would you like to share my double dong, that would be lovely Prudence"
#dong #double dong #dildo #plastic dong #love pump #double sided dildo #vibrator #sex toy #good clean fun!
作者 Maximus Cocks 2006年6月02日
The act of playing two MMO role-playing game files simultaniously.
My son Bruno will not stop double donging!
#computer #world of warcraft #wow #everquest #dong #reach around #glass bottom boat
作者 Shoogluer 2009年6月05日
A two sided dildo. Great for penetrating two people at once.
Babymomma: Who is going to strap it on tonight?
Candice: I want to get it tonight, you strap it on!
Babymomma: I strapped it on last night. YOU strap it on!
Candice: Well, we could use the double dong and both get some action...
Babymomma: Snap!
#dildos #two sided dildos #lesbians #penetration #double penetration
作者 LJM 2006年6月06日


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