A pet name for love, dearest, or other endearment.
Aww i just dove him. (replacing love)

i love you dove.
lovey dove ect.
作者 Dogodess 2011年9月27日
When Someone smells like shit and you cant stand there presence so you throw bars of dove soap at them.
I Got Dove All Day, Got Dove?, Dude, you smell like dove!
作者 Dovemaster5000 2010年2月25日
The act of leaving or going away.
Bryan is so annoying tell him to dove.

Get out my face dove my nigga.
作者 MfDoom 2014年5月08日
A friend filled with the Holy Spirit!
Hanging out with my Dove Ed by the fire!
作者 2ServeDesign 2013年5月03日
Homer Simpson's soap of choice.
Where'd i put that bar of....D'ove! (hits head on shower faucet)
作者 Bum Stigity Bum 2010年2月13日
When you have strong feelings for someone, but your not inlove with them just yet.
guy 1: hey dude are you inlove with that girl?

guy 2: nah I just dove her.
作者 Kage712 2010年5月30日
a term to describe a man's spouse.
"My dove bought me a diamond studded Jacob watch for our anniversary."
作者 omarisstar101 2007年5月31日


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