Just came out, debut, just released.
Man, that new NaS CD this dropped!
作者 Chi Smith 2005年3月28日
taking extacy or what ppl call e pills or people from the yay area call it tizzin
damn last night i dropped n went hella dumby at da side show
作者 BalliNxPinoY 2006年9月27日
When a car is lowered
"Damn dawg, that car is dropped"
作者 Sarah 2004年6月16日
(past v.) To be removed from the active roster. This can apply to music artists, sport stars etc.
He is dropped

That band is dropped.
作者 Kung-Fu Jesus 2004年5月16日
To announce you no longer want to be with your girlfriend or boyfriend.
Listen Renee you smell so bad, you're dropped!
作者 Andrew Tan 2005年7月14日
Drunk and Chopped
Man that dude is dropped as hell
作者 dubcity10 2011年5月01日
Dropped - To trip somebody or take them to the ground with ease
Andy: Guess who had a fight today

Samantha: Who?

Andy: Tyler and Sean

Samantha: dead ass? Who one?

Andy: Tyler did, he dropped that nigga when he stalled on him
作者 Guarangochango 2011年4月17日



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