An elephant butt hair.
Bob was licking the dude, and he enjoyed it, mmmmm, dude.
作者 Bob's Sausage 2004年6月08日
The white community's equivalent of "homey."
See "surfer."
作者 Homey 12 2004年3月26日
1. literally, a "dick"

2. calling someone or something a "dick"

Look at that mangled and bloody dude.


Hey check out that frat boy. What a dude!
作者 napus antipas 2004年3月03日
A scottish asian man often sporting a large head of hair and some sort of facial hair.
Dude, I do not want to drink Thai Whiskey in the morning.
作者 zing 2003年9月05日
its like dude im guna chill; us skaters use it when skatin
Dude i snapped my board
作者 Skater 2003年5月12日
An infected Hair on an Elephants Ass
OMG!!! Look at that Nasty Dude.. its Pussing.
作者 Spanish lynx 2008年3月09日
a Dude is an infected hair on an elephant's butt.
Look at that dude, it's all green.
作者 tis thou 2006年11月26日


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