1) a commonly used word used for multiple emotions, such as: happiness, shock, disappointment.

2) another word used to address your friends.
1) Dude! I just found a stack of $300 in my dresser!
2) Yo, what's up dude?
作者 pablo! 2010年12月08日
A word added to the beginning of sentences for no apparant reason, similar to hey or yo. Contrary to popular belief, Dude is NOT gender specific.
Dude, what was the english homework?

Dude, why is there so freaking much?
作者 KelseyAgrees 2006年9月17日
Slang for friend, comrade, person in general.
Dude, that rocks!
作者 Higherbeing 2004年6月19日
n. plural of dude however unlike the singular version, may refer to a group of guys and girls.
作者 reptiles 2002年10月04日
A synonym for 'brother' 'man','buddy',or 'friend'.
"Dude, that corndog looks awesome!"
"I know right, bro?"
作者 HaloNinca 2014年6月10日
A person of male gender to whom you are not sexually attracted and will never be. This is the opposite of a guy, to whom you could be sexually attracted.
That guy is definitely a dude. I would never date him.
作者 snaliger12 2013年9月20日
Forget the fancy explanations for this. It simply replaces "man."
"Man it's hot." becomes: "Dude. It's hot"

"I failed my test. Man!" becomes: "I failed my test. Dude!"
作者 Curly lou 2012年7月20日



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