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A greating that should be spelled "hello" yet it spelled "ello" for a Brittish sounding accent on the "e"
Ello mate! or just Ello!
作者 Robert Justin Crouch 2005年4月11日
A greeting often used online in chat box to express a 'hello' but, with style.
Ello bud, how are you doing?
作者 JeR 2004年3月31日
a british greeting.
insted of hello in america
in england its Ello.
this example: Ello Govna.
作者 Seerahh. 2007年4月09日
The British version of "Hello", but with an accent.
Ello Hagrid!
作者 Kipkid 2011年5月08日
Social Networking site which requires invitation. Claims to be free of ads and that the data collected is not bought for advertising space. Wants to be a more exclusive and virtuous 'organic' tumblr-like site.
Tumblr User #1: I gave into the hype about ello last night, you on it yet?
Tumblr User #2: Nah, that'll be over before anyone's heard about it, it's a waste of time.
作者 HigherThanArianasPonytail 2014年9月29日
Another way to say hello but cooler
friend: ELLO!
作者 MERP123 2014年11月22日
A nickname. The kind that you give to an extreamly awesome or cool chick.
"Hey Ello what are you up to?"
"...oh just being AWESOME"
作者 ellosolz 2008年12月06日



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