the hip term for favorite. also, if you don't want to use fav, you'll use fae.
He is my fae friend.
作者 owmyknee 2011年12月26日
When A girl who lives in California is known as a freak.
Destiny is such a fae
作者 atlnerd 2010年11月07日
Stupid word used by Scot's
OMG, 19/F fae Glasgow. Big up meselve k.
作者 ZPHiNX 2004年7月01日
the most annoying contrived scottish tripe excuse for slang
"Are you from Aberdeen..oops I mean are you fae Aberdeen"

"stop tryin to put on the slang you fucking moron- it sounds shit anyway"
作者 womoma 2005年4月15日



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