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(v.) To act with a false ethos surrounding oneself in an attempt to win respect from a certain influential party.

Antonym: Keep it real
I strongly suspect butt licka to be a white boy fakin the funk.
作者 Kung-Fu Jesus 2004年5月11日
To be fake or to not keep it real
Yo man, don't fake the funk.
作者 DaSnoopinatorFoSho 2003年3月22日
to pretentiously act or appear productive or busy; to "go through the motions"
We need to fake the funk so the boss doesn't think we lack ambition.
#pretend #fake #act #falsify #move
作者 Jon64Bailey 2008年12月20日
(military jargon)To falsely motivate yourself and get the work or exercise at hand.
I just can't get motivated today, so I best fake the funk or enjoy the front leaning rest position.
#lamer #poser #fake #scrub #loser
作者 John1969 2008年5月08日


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