Synonymous to jack ass or dumb ass.
Shudup you crazy fat fuck
作者 AlphaOmega13 2005年1月24日
two fat ass fucks who think they can wrestle, their names are tyler and trae.

2. the act of ones weight exceeding 1200 pounds/ measuring 8.3 or higher one the rictor scale with every step.

3.excessive eating- due to cream filling to the face syndrome.
geologist: oh crap we have another earth quake!!!!
Scientist: false alarm, we just have some fat fucks walking around sucking on twinkies
Geologist: stupid fucking fat fucks.
作者 Radio james 2008年1月18日
one that is overweight and obessed at the same time
the women on a richard simmions video
作者 E2themotherfuckinJ 2002年12月23日


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