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Nice looking female
We gon hit the mall?
Fa sho, you know I gotta holla at da fee's.
作者 Immaqulate 2003年10月16日
Female gender of the human race.
Lets go cruise around town and pick up some fees.
作者 P Gruwell 2005年12月20日
Female, woman, girl.

Derived from the first syllable in the word female.
This party blows where are all the fees at?

I had this cute fee all alone in my room and i blew it.
作者 Basil O'Hare 2009年12月06日
a gurl who can carry her own and hold it down by herself, who play people like dummies, and will knock a hoe in the throat.

"fee" is a lethal weapon when it comes to confrontations.
if we beefin i got your "fee" So haters best to think twice
because this ain't nothin nice!!
作者 Fee with 2 e's 2010年10月16日
A tax not voted on by the people.
City council has found a new way of generating revenue with out voter approval. They are now adding on a new fee.
作者 No taxation w/o representation 2010年10月22日
1. I'm going home to eat my sandwich, get my blow job, F.E.E.
作者 TONYKYNTO 2012年7月03日
fuck everything else
"I'm so like fee rite now"
作者 Louie Ls 2009年12月12日



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