Stop trying to make it happen.
It's not going to happen.
"That's so fetch!"
"Shut up, Gretchen. Stop trying to make fetch happen. It's not going to happen."
作者 KamIsTotallyFuckingAwesome 2011年4月26日
The distance over which wind can blow uninterupted over the sea untill it hits land. The bigger the fetch, the bigger the wave.
OMG like that fetch is OMG!
作者 MartinIsAwesomeCool 2005年12月05日
a lame attempt for band nerds to sound cool.

my new clarinet is totally fetch.
作者 paluzzi 2005年8月30日
describing something in a positive way. synonyms: cool, awesome, amazing, fantastic, super, etc.
That is so fetch! That's fetch!
作者 famous dave 2005年8月29日
Cool or chic, a fun way of saying something is awesome
"O my gosh! that is so fetch!"

"That miniskirt is so fetch."
作者 Juicy Couture 2005年7月24日
anything cool or awesome
"Man, that t-shirt is so fetch! Where can I get one?"
作者 Matt 2005年1月19日
Fetch, being another word for posh. Is used as a way to tell people they are the best, or cool, or "posh". Taken as a 'high compliment' when someone specific says it.
"That's a fetch watch, Sally!"
"Your boyfriend is fetch! You are so lucky!"
作者 Sewa 2004年12月02日
A term used to describe something that is in style or desirable.
1. That shirt is so fetch!

2. The song I was listening to last night was very fetch indeed.
作者 thelingohermit 2007年6月02日


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