Something that is awsume!! not to be mistaken for the word feltching
oh my go your handbag is so fetch!
Oh that guiys ars is so frickin fetch!
作者 dinkydoo and pinkypoo 2009年4月15日
The area found on a woman between the anus and the vagina.
She had a lovely fetch! It was soft and warm like a rabbits nose.
作者 Nick Gorm 2007年12月13日
It's like slang, from England... Meaning good.
That sweater is so fetch!
作者 Rob Yeo 2005年3月15日
"It's slang. From, like... England"
Regina: "Stop trying to make fetch happen! It is never going to happen!"
作者 Just That Random 2015年4月28日
Slang from England meaning its really awesome
omg that jacket is so fetch
作者 SassyGuy 2014年4月27日
Something that it extremely cool, stylish, or amazing.

A phrase commonly used in the popular tween movie "Mean Girls."
That plaid skirt is so frickin fetch.
作者 iofur 2007年12月04日
Used way before the movie Mean Girls ever came out. It was known as a substitute for the F*** word.
"Fetch, I slammed my finger in the door!"

"OWW! I fetching just burnt myslef."

"Fetch, I'm gonna be late!"
作者 boshow 2007年3月27日


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