To ride/drive in a vehicle
I'm about to go flip with my homeboys.
作者 Crisco 2003年10月18日
the act of rolling a blunt
we went in the alley to flip da 20 sac
作者 I LOVE SHHADO 2003年9月28日
To Stunt, sell drugs, or to take a ride somewhere
1. Ever since Joey has a job that makes 6 figures, Joey flips alot with his jewels.
2. Them boys are flippin every moring on the corner before the cops come.
3. Im going to flip with my friends to the club.
作者 MIKE 2004年4月27日
To leave a place. Take off from one location.
Hey man, I am going to flip on out of here.
作者 d Perrin 2004年4月12日
The coolest motherfucker youll ever meet in your life.
Flip is down with the bitches and hoes.
作者 pimp 2005年4月09日
a girls who gets around, or has sex with alot of guys aka whore
Don't mess with her because she's a flip.
作者 T 2005年2月06日


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