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The display of text on a computer. Comes in Sans or Sans Serif. Some are so oddified that you cannot tell.
Times New Roman, Courier, Nimrod etc.

Sans Serif:
Verdana, Arial, MS Sans Serif etc.
作者 Bastardized Bottomburp 2003年6月29日
Saying DON'T to the letter
Please, I am telling your for the myriadth of time, font!
#saying #don't #letter #please #telling
作者 Hercolena Oliver 2009年4月17日
A substitute for fuck in the work environment.
What the font?!?
That is all fonted up!
Holy font!!!
作者 Arro Sharez 2005年9月02日
Fancy french sex.
Let's get nekkid and have some font!
作者 GCG 2003年11月29日
here is an alternative to 1337 sp33k
it uses less numbers and more lines and is easier to read
here is the alphabet o lines:
/-\ |3 ( |) (-` |=
(-, |-| | _| |< |_
/\/\ /\/ () |> (,) |¯
_\¯ ¯|¯ (_) \/ \/\/
>< `/ ¯/_
作者 \/\/|-|/-\¯|¯ ¯|¯ |-| (-` 2004年5月21日


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