one with ticklish feet
A: my feet are ticklish!
B: You're a foo!
作者 isnotafoo 2011年9月26日
Short for fool, as per Mr. T.
"I pity the foo who..."
作者 slice32 2005年4月18日
someone who is foolish
derived from the word fool
god damn you are one foo
作者 Daniel Morley 2004年2月12日
A random object. Easily intertwined where the speaker is too lazy to insert the correct noun
"Just throw that foos anywhere"
"WTF is all this foos?"
"Throw me a porn mag and some foos"
"Don't make me kick u in the foos!"
"Where did I leave all my foos?"
"Goddamn foos!"
"Mmmm this is some tasty foos!"
作者 Mark D (Foos) 2003年8月31日
A high class sophisticated socialite. Term of endearment in the work force.
Where's our foo? Is she in another meeting?

Our Josi-Foo's out to lunch, schmoozin with the upper crust again.
作者 Neocoo 2007年8月08日
that what must be fought. see foo fighters
Dave Grohl makes a living fighting foo.
作者 Seth Nicaragua 2004年2月06日



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