a person who thinks he is ghetto, but in all reality, is absolutely not.
Sebastian is the definition of a foo.
作者 DeedZeastside 2007年8月22日
Fool, edjit. To be a foo is to suck at life. To be inexpirenced. in other words a jackass
Yo foo, get of the road
作者 Herman Bunker 2006年6月02日
Saying some one is a dumb person it is a slang meaning for fool
Sup foo
作者 Shib 2002年5月14日
Referring to a friend or mate, originated from USA; Colorado and brought to Australia; Sydney by this amerixican kid.
Nah foo, Nah
作者 yeah the boys 2011年8月05日
When one farts and a small amount of poo also leaves the anus.
Oh my god kieran just did a foo! Now he has to clean up his undies!
作者 --Willy-- 2009年10月07日


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