Fool, edjit. To be a foo is to suck at life. To be inexpirenced. in other words a jackass
Yo foo, get of the road
作者 Herman Bunker 2006年6月02日
Saying some one is a dumb person it is a slang meaning for fool
Sup foo
作者 Shib 2002年5月14日
Referring to a friend or mate, originated from USA; Colorado and brought to Australia; Sydney by this amerixican kid.
Nah foo, Nah
作者 yeah the boys 2011年8月05日
State of extreme ugliness.
Super ugly.
That boy was foo, far from cute!
作者 Catori 2010年11月18日
When one farts and a small amount of poo also leaves the anus.
Oh my god kieran just did a foo! Now he has to clean up his undies!
作者 --Willy-- 2009年10月07日
short for fool
shut up foo!!
作者 deathjork 2008年10月08日
A term used when describing the need for either a very big fart or a very small pooh, but you're not sure.
Damn, I think I need a foo!
作者 Cassandra Nilsson 2007年10月12日



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