a. Used to refer a person to whom you do not know the name of.
b. Used to refer to any object to which you do not know the name of.
a. That fool with the volvo got owned by Lobo.

b. That one fool that you use to sit on.
作者 esch8 2003年11月24日
A person with less intelligence than the average glass of water. Also, a person who has threatened someone who is larger, or stronger than he/she is
"I pity the fool"
"You fooling me?"
作者 Slap Chappie 2003年2月16日
The man who says in his heart," there is no God".
the fool of a man was an athiest.
#wise #foolish #athiest #theist #wisdom
作者 quintessential he 2009年6月02日
a word used to great friends when high off there ass!
fool...thats sooo trippy!

fool stop that!

#homie #friend #nigga #kidd #gangsta
作者 sheriberri 2007年10月07日
a word crackers uses to many times in a sentence
a fool you shouldve saw me fool...when we were gettin high fool...the bud fool it like fell fool.....
#crackerz #fool #high #stoned #retarted
作者 michie babe 2007年11月20日
A term of endearment used between people who know each other. This word is only used this way in miami and the greater miami area. It is similar to the way black people use homeboy or homegirl.
What dey do fool?
Naw fool I'm straight, I already got one.
#foo #homeboy #homegirl #homie #nigga
作者 Topshatta 2006年3月15日
a jack ass.
you are a fool.
作者 misao makimachi 2003年10月23日


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