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alternate to freak; a person who like to get down in bed.
"That girl's a freek!"
作者 Silent Ninja c1998 2003年7月15日
A Freek is a person that is to weird to be a freak. the term freek describes a person that has no problem being weird, and do not care what people think about them.
I am a freek and I'm proud of it!
#weird #freaky #abnormal #unnatural #unreal
作者 freek4life 2009年8月26日
A person who is half-French and half-Greek
Dude! Your Mom is French and your Dad is Greek so you're a Freek!
#french-greek #franco-greco #halfbreed french person #mixed euro #frog fustanella
作者 Peter C. Melonas 2009年2月12日
An Brilliant absolute way of defining a greatest beastly amazing suave thing; or a person place or thing as cool as joey..
Omg! That guys a freek! He's so cool he can be joey one day.
#sexy #hot #beastly #bizzare #suave
作者 smacdat 2007年5月13日
Someone who likes to spoil and ruin things. A person who is never there when you need him, and always there when you wish he isn't there. A Freek will also go or stay home often on a friday or saturday evening for no good reason.
Isn't he going with us!? What a Freek!

Where is he?

At home being Freek.
#bringer of ruin #judas #renegade #homesitter #spoiler
作者 octopuseater 2010年4月25日
it means That ur BIGGER then an freak.your Better. You have More Fun. your More Wild.and people LOVE you! BUT your can also be a BITCH & Bold.hahaha But they still Love you,no matter what you do.
gurl #1= Ew did see wat that Freek did at the party last night?
gurl#2= Yeah Wat Was She Thinking..
gurl#3= I thought it Seem Kool..
gurl#1 & #2= *Walks away*
#freek #better #me #bigger #fun.wild
作者 Tha 1 & Only X_FreeK_X 2007年12月08日
A posting rat - a forum troll. One who furiously posts under multiple identities using multiple IP locations to trick the viewer into thinking there are many posters when there is only one.
FREEk is the same as SybilFREEk
#troll #forum rat #blog poster #mpd #posting goddess
作者 Viewer2009 2009年8月16日


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