When the weather went from hot and stuffy to cool crisp air.
It's really fresh out right now that the sun went down.
作者 princesspriss 2013年7月21日
hip, current, with the times.
These beats are so fresh! snap!
作者 jarsilver 2005年10月15日
not an adjective, a proper noun.
-a spontaneous person.
-capable to keep everything interesting, fun and exciting.
-not a snitch.
-chill with just about everyone.
-Crazy with just the right amount of sanity.
-tries their best to keep the FRESH spirit alive.

-although, a person classified as this, is usually clueless when it comes to the sence of people dropping hints.
-people that wanna be classified as this, have gotta love the homemade cookies as well.

Hometown kids trying to make it in a big world.

"Dude. thats kids tight as hell! He should be a !FRESH! !"
作者 Caitlin Sitler 2007年12月30日
Used to denote a good-looking member of the female race.
Man, that girl is fresh!
作者 JaxMoney 2007年5月17日
To try and have sex with someone.
"Are you trying to get fresh with me?"
作者 Nicci 2003年4月13日
fresh is cool you cannot get any cooler than being fresh.
"Wow stretch is so fresh!"
"I know I wish I was as fresh as him!"
作者 fresh rabbit 2014年10月26日
Fresh means like proper FRESH, as in it looks PROPER NICE.
Damn, doesn't Emmanuel's High Top Look FRESH?
作者 Emmanuel 2014年10月11日



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