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a religious observant Jew
Is it possible to be gay and frum at the same time?
作者 Peter 2003年12月15日
i] A colourful layered cocktail made of white rum and various fruit juices where over half the concoction is rum. Used to get you drunk quick in times of desperation such as your lame housemate throwing a houseparty.

ii] Can be expanded to include all drinks when said in a quizzical tone, for it is an amusing term.
Danica: You want some frum?
Jade: Sure! What's in it?
Danica: Well it's basically just pure rum...with a hint of fruit juice.
作者 Jadeypants 2008年10月21日
The frothy accumulation of cum and jacuzzi water that gathers above the hot, bubbly water-line.
Drew accidentally drank frum when he submerged his head into the West Hollywood fitness club jacuzzi.
作者 adossantos81 2013年12月17日
The crums inside a woman's fupa. Particularly a large woman.
My mother told us that we were having frums for dinner.
作者 Griff2452195 2011年5月15日
fruity cum
Yum yum in the tum with some frum.
作者 Sexy Beast goes Rawr 2013年3月30日
Short for 'Front Bum', frum is another word for a woman's vagina.
she has a lovely frum
作者 es268 2011年4月21日
look up "from"
I am frum New Hampshire.
作者 Shinatuah 2010年2月23日



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