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The slang spelling of a rather offensive word. Some people have a hard time trying to figure out what it means.

P.S. I dare you to write it in chalk on someones driveway!
Fuh q Krahn! Fuh q!
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作者 Mrs. Bobo the Clown 2006年7月17日
12 year olds should try sounding this out in front of their parents
FUH Q chelsea baby!!!!!
#fuhq #fuhk #badword #mispelling #hate
作者 b rendan 2007年10月04日
pronounced as spelt. When one has the inability to seperate both fuck and you, which results a slur of the two words, and a "Q" is clearly heard.
r s t u v?
#fuck you #fucker #fuckface #assfuck #fuckadoodle #fuckapalooza
作者 blahblahblahblah2362 2009年6月07日
The way that Northwestern Europeans, typically Southern Irish and Scots pronounce the phrase "fuck you". Because of their unique brogues the two words often sound as one making for a linguistic phenomenon. Consumption of alcoholic beverages can increase the speed and ferocity of this word. However, this word is only said among friends poking fun at one another, which is unlike its two worded cousin "Fuck You",a separated and slower phrase said so that a person's enemy might better understand.
A. She said you've got the smallest cock she's ever seen.
B. Fuh-Q boyo she hasn't seen yours yet.

#fuck #fuck you #fuck yo ass #nigga fuck you #you
作者 KiloSierra 2008年3月14日
Shorten term for Fuck You, often used in online conversations. Tends to be an insulting term.
Fuh-Q, you stupid Byotch!
作者 Veena 2004年10月18日
The instant message abbreviation for fuck you.
ThomasIM: You are a zombie!
#fuck #you #fuh-q #fuhq #im
作者 ilaugheverytimeitypethisinabox 2008年12月16日


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