GoatA person who is stupid and annoying.
"shut up you goat"
作者 Vinnoir 2004年11月21日
- He's a fuckin goat that man
作者 J 2003年7月17日
Any of a series of hulking, pointy toothed marsupials known for their loyalty, alterness, and skills with garden tools.
Goat boats? I saw some in isle 12, why?
作者 frosto 2002年12月12日
a) a cylcist
b) an old person
c) an flappy loose vagina
a) pull over you goat
b) look at that old goat
c) she had the biggest goat i've ever seen, bloody delilah.
作者 goatcentral 2009年3月08日
A One Dollar Bill
Yo, lemme get a goat
作者 BullFan06 2004年1月17日
(West Cheshire slang)

1.A resident of Wrexham in North Wales
2. An associate of Wrexham Football Club
The Goats lost again last week
作者 XWWB 2003年12月09日
hot, tall, men from ireland with killer accents. also known to have a beercan
Yo did you check out the beercan on that goat?
作者 widdlebunny 2005年9月02日


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