An animal that matty likes to pleasure.
Matty has a goat fettish
作者 Micheal Collins 2005年2月17日
the bottom part of a goatee that only covers the chin.seeballs
i shaved part of my goatee and now i look like tom green.
作者 ryan 2004年8月15日
A goat named Billy who ryhmes with poetry, goto and you can see for yourself how happenin this goat is.....
I am a goat like no other around,
I eat and I sleep and I roll on the ground,
I dance, and I prance, and you'd think i was gay,
but i like my woman the old fashioned way
作者 Billy The Goat 2003年8月24日
To stab somebody really hard, multiple times, and as fast as possible, with your penis.
If you goat her, that'll put her in place.
作者 Jacob 2003年8月05日
what lkay likes
nice goat drew, do you mind if I fuck it?
作者 [c0x0r] 2003年10月23日
a "fall-back" fuckbuddy. if you're civilized, it actually refers to a human being.
Kara fell way hard for Richard, but she's totally his goat.
作者 Lauren 2003年2月06日
to kid or jeer someone harshly, to attempt to anger someone or to start a fight
"Alex is a pushover, you can goat him all day long and he won't defend himself."

"Never goat a cop."
作者 Kahnmark 2006年7月03日


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