A boy who when Holidaying in Turkey is abused by the largely homosexual native gangbase and forced to walk on all fours while filling their sex crazed needs
Peter "Hey is that little english lad being ridden by a turkish boy George lookalike?"

Ahmed " its a custom here among some of the criminal gangs, they choose a boy to be their Goat Boy and take turns ride him"
作者 chipthechap 2010年7月07日
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One of the best skits from the greatest comedian to have ever lived.
Goat boy is here to please you, tie me to your headboard, throw your legs over my shoulders and let me wear you like a feed bag.
作者 EvilDave 2004年4月15日
Pete Coe
Baaah Baaaaah!
作者 Richard Dragon 2003年12月03日
An angry engineer upon whom everybody's shite projects are dumped.
Hey goatboy, go do my work for me!
作者 El Cabrito Loco 2007年4月26日
A form of insult used mostly between friends, who don't really mean it, insinuating that the victim shares the appearance of a goat.

'Hey, do you know Rich?'
'What, goat boy?'
'Yeah, goat boy.'
作者 xher0in 2007年6月28日
A pseudonym used by a wonderful and deeply funny man who doesn't realise his qualities.
Hey Goat boy!
作者 number 1 fan 2004年3月29日
n. A sexually depraved male.
"Come to goat boy..."
作者 chamaeleon 2004年3月13日



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