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1. Good news or information
2. Good times
3. Commonly used when reminicing of the Good ol' days
Woo: I brought the drinks.
Trishi: Good stuff!
作者 TJane 2006年4月16日
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A code term for "attractive female" that one male can use in conversation with a friend, inconspicuously, in front of said female, without attracting attention to himself. (often abbreviated to simply "stuff.") could concievably be used between two females, or any other gender combination, but the use is classic "between buddies" behavior.

(Beautiful woman walks past)

DUDE 1: yo, there's some good stuff over there.

DUDE 2: Word.
作者 dj oe 800 2009年1月17日
Oral sex being performed on a woman.
Hey, honey, gimme some of that good stuff.
作者 B.Mike 2006年11月03日
lesbian sex
Sarah: "uh uh oh baby"
Hannah: "Oh my god sarah your making me so horny"

Me: "Shit this is some good stuff"
作者 rockstarsuperstar2000 2004年3月14日
good stuff
joey wong: im gay
me: guuud stuuuff
作者 good stuff 2004年1月12日



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