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the single most abused term in the world of food and cooking
"Many foods and food products labeled as 'gourmet' are actually worthless chemical-laden garbage, and it is utterly misleading to label it with that word, which in all honesty has become meaningless."
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作者 jw80808 2008年12月27日
adj. Extremely high in price, extremely small in amount, extremely decorative in style and extremely enjoyable. The last part is not always true.
In a gourmet restaurant, it is not unusual to spend an entire moth worth of budget for food on a single meal and still leave the restaurant hungry.

This slice of bacon is not just good; it is gourmet.
#food #chef #restaurant #expensive #classy
作者 SSH83 2008年3月03日
Used as a buyer beware: This item costs several times its market value.
Apple offers gourmet computers.
#expensive #over priced #rip off #small portion #uneccesarily decorative
作者 streetchemist 2008年11月03日
Any food sprinkled with parsley or served on a square plate.
"I thought the spaghetti bolognese was boring, but look... now it's gourmet."
作者 Andy Skye 2005年8月31日
"cool" or "dope" from Aaron Karo's ruminations,
For instance, one could say “Damn, those sneakers are gourmet!” or “That chick you took home last night had a gourmet ass.”
作者 The man 2004年4月12日
a sub-standard home made food that is not as good as its cheaper, commercially made equivalent
My dad's gourmet mac & cheese is much worse than Kraft Dinner.
#overrated #overpriced #bad #disgusting #original
作者 elind85 2011年6月15日
Term for a extremely good looking person. Also known as sexy.
"Julie, look at the guy. He's gourmet.
#hot #sexy #beautiful #delicious #attractive
作者 raerae33 2007年1月21日


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