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Feeling of intense satisfaction and gratification.
When Rebecca completed her dissertation, the overwhelming feeling was one of gratisfaction.
作者 cherryblossom 2007年10月02日
A word meaning to have a feeling of both satisfaction and gratification.

Also, an awesome song by The Strokes.
I got a great feeling of gratisfaction while listening to "Gratisfaction" by The Strokes.
作者 IzeOfTheWorld 2011年5月13日
Something that is both gratifying and satisfying all at once
"I want instant gratisfaction"
作者 butlerfly24 2007年11月28日
Gratisfaction is a feeling of contentment associated with getting something for nothing. From the word Gratis meaning without charge or payment combined with satisfaction gives once a feeling of gratisfaction.
Gary was overcome with a feeling of gratisfaction when his freebie arrived courtesy of Gratisfaction UK
作者 DanceYrselfClean 2015年3月05日
Similar to satisfaction but it is had by strictly female population. Commonly used in northern NJ, specifically sussex county.
I get my satisfaction while she gets her gratisfaction
作者 room718 2010年2月25日
Being greatful of being satisfied.
After eating out my girlfriend she expressed her gratisfaction with a blow job
作者 herbyhancock 2013年12月03日
A word combining both satisfaction and gratification the result being utter satiation. This word has sexual undertones.
I acheive gratisfaction while watching the OC.
作者 Cassandra Lori 2006年8月11日


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