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noun: food
after three straight hours of toking, we were in serious need for sum grubbin'.
作者 the storm drains 2009年7月07日
chowin down some good food
Those ribs are lookin good. Ima be grubbin' in a minute.
作者 J 0 K A 2006年1月03日
voracious eating
Isaac and I went over to Moms' house - there was some spaghetti on the stove. We started grubbin' as if there was no tomorrow.
作者 Love Zone 2004年4月27日
when a certain food or beverage has an amazing taste
That smoked salmon pizetta is grubbin'!
作者 Bungalow Bill 2001年11月16日
An individual prone to constant over-eating throughout the day.
Put down the breadsticks grubbins
作者 grubbins police 2014年4月15日
the act of eating grub
thanksgiving isn't thanksgiving without some good turkey grubbin'!
作者 Anonymous 2001年11月17日


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