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Slang for a person from the state of Gujarat in India. Known to be stingy, but are some one of the best businessmen/women, always get the best side of the bargain.
Are you guju?

Whoa, you spent only $50 dollars for that authentic Michael Jordan Jersey...damn thats guju!
作者 Maddest V 2004年3月20日
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Inhabitants and descendants of the Indian state of Gujarat.

Those who speak the Indian language Gujarati.

Known for their business minds, agriculture, and strong cultural values. Traditions include garba (dancing and clapping in circles)and raas(dance style involving sticks)-two of the most popular dances in the state. Also known for having taken over the motel/hotel/gas station industries in America.

The common phrase "you guju" is a misconception of the actual characteristics of Gujaratis. Being of the business-mind, Gujus tend to look for the best deals. They value money and make the most of it. They are by no means cheap; in fact, Gujus are of the highest tier of minority incomes so CHILL OUT WITH THE GUJU JOKES! haha
"you guju"
"stop being guju"
作者 Vinay Amin 2005年7月21日
A slang term for a person who is a descendant or inhabitant of the state of Gujarat, India. The term “guju” is an abbreviation of “Gujarati.” Plural: gujus.

Gujarati people are most often characterized as highly educated business-minded persons. There is a common misconception that Gujarati people are stingy, but this is a negative stereotype created by jealous persons from other states in India.
“My neighbor is such a smart guy, he must be a guju”
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作者 Victor D. Patel 2006年4月23日
a person who identifies as being from the state of gujarat, India, that is well known and respected b/c of his'her rich cultural background
Naww man, don't mess with them, they'll kill us, they guju
作者 truballa 2005年7月21日
a common indian that comes from the state of gujurat..and speak gujurati...gujus are cheap, stingy, and brown....but all in all, they are awesome people, mad chill and damn sexy!!
yooo yur soo guju, no one reuses plastic stop $ shop bags!
作者 LisaG 2005年1月30日
Slang or short form for a Gujarati person; an individual from the Indian state of Gujarat. Use of the term is typically not considered taboo, although it can be used in a derogatory manner. It is often used self-referentially by other "gujus".
"Did you know that Arjun is dating some guju girl?"

"Gujus can't do bhangra, yar!"

"Guju pride!"
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作者 Thalia2008 2008年4月23日
a breed of indians who go into drug stores such as CVS pharmacy and use massive amounts of coupons (usually so they end up paying a little less than eleven cents for 44 items) only to have 20 extra bucks print out for their next purchase

and then they come back into stores later that evening with their husbands to do the same thing under his store card

and then they go home and rejoice to their savings (times two)
guju: how much was the liquor u bought for me?

punjabi friend: it was like 42 bucks (estimates it, not really caring for every penny)

guju: it couldnt be! my dad owns a liquor shop! im not paying that much.

punjabi friend: *feels uneasy* ok... why didnt u get ur liquor from there?

moral of the story: dont befriend gujus
#guju #hindu #gujurati #cheap #stingy #punjabi
作者 Sherni ox 2007年8月11日


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