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the act of a woman producing a gush of liquid cum out of her vagina during an orgasm.
i ate her so well, she was gushing all over my face.
作者 zodak 2006年11月27日
effect of female ejaculation which displays with a waterfall effect and usually saturates the immediate area and/or persons within gushing distance
gushing, squirting, raining
作者 Kizmiazz 2009年11月29日
Trolling to others about your new love
Tommy won't stop gushing over his new girlfriend
作者 Pinkpoodle 2015年2月07日
The act of cuddling a cat by rubbing it under its chin and neck with one or both hands.
Jakob enjoys cuddling his cat Musty by gushing her.
作者 Sartorius543 2011年5月23日


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