what i like to have sex with
I wanna suck a dick!
作者 Ryan Figlia 2003年7月15日
slang term for a 20 bag of weed
yo, let me getta guy.
作者 jjizzzy 2006年1月14日
If they're Asian, they're sexy. If they're Japanese, they're more sexier. With adorably bootylicious bums. And tiney-hineys. Yay.
Gackuto. Hyde. Mana. Jet Li. Jackie Chan.
"I go to a Japanese restaraunt, to stare at the Asian waiter's butt."
作者 Marika and Kiki 2004年2月28日
A true selfish asshole who only thinks of himself. Usually bald or balding.
That prick over there is a real Guy.
作者 TheLoneSolXXX 2010年2月02日
a male with no heart or brains, sits all day on his fucking ass, who knows why they were put on earth
the guy can go to hell!
作者 Anonymous 2003年3月12日
Idiot monkeys who were put on this planet for no fucking reason! They have no brains and drool over pretty women.
That guy is such an asshole!
作者 T 2003年3月11日
A human that knows NOTHING...cares about NOTHING...thinks about NOTHING except the fastest way into his girlfriends house
guys=everyone that isnt a girl...duh
作者 Childs Play 2006年3月20日


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