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A holy temple to those who do not have a serious job and are not attending college. A gym usually has free weights, weight machines, benches, and a track or track machines for cardio workouts.

To utilize the power of the gym, one must be there for a majority of the days of the week, a few hours at a time, working on different areas of the body each day. Do not be one of the idiots who goes there just to bench press... that is a guido workout and will give you nothing but man boobs.
After work, I spent the rest of the day at the gym working on my calves and abs to tone them up.
作者 The Sub 2005年3月10日
A place a lot of ppl some consider visiting. But then again a lot of ppl don't make improvements there because either they're too lazy or they're too busy looking at girls/guys.
guy 1: Shit I've been pumping iron at the gym for 4 months and nothing's happening.
guy 2: You dumbass you can't walk in to a gym and stare at hot
girls and expect to at muscles.
#gym #muscles #fitness #weights #working out
作者 performance enhancing drugs 2006年11月12日
a gymnasium(an abbreviation)
Go work out at the gym and get off my case.
#bodybulilding #gym-class #gym rat #jock #sports #students
作者 The Return of Light Joker 2008年3月18日
A place where you go to do exercises and work out,

A place where fat people go to try and loose weight,

A place where cheating married women go to start up affairs behind their hard working husbands back

A place for posers
Lets go to the gym I wanna flex my muscles and lift them weights to proove I'm the toughest and bulkiest man down the gym
#gymnasium #bulky #zumba #fat #skinny
作者 Harry69 2011年2月19日
The place you get in car to go to but always end up in the McDonald's across the street.

Yah we all see you sweating but that's cause it's hot in that McDonald's and your fat isn't helping.

Stop lying to your wife about going, she knows you don't.

The reason we eat so much.
"Oh I'll just burn it off at the gym"-you
"You mean the drive to Golden Coral..."-me
#mcdonald's #lie #exercise #gym #(not) running
作者 a4m0nkey 2015年2月02日
a place were people go do exercise and access equipment that they other wise cant.
people go to the gym for different reasons someone might go there to gain muscle another person might go there to increase there metabolism or there over all fitness level . Its not just a place were people go that have nothing else to do or just build muscle. If someone wanted to become a PE teacher or a personal trainer they will have to of had some time at the gym.its as much a learning environment as a physical one
i made some great gains at the gym last week
Come to to gym next week and ill show you some different techniques.
#exercise #equipment #learning #personal trainer #techniques #metabolism
作者 star bucks 2015年4月12日
Where sexual harassment and mental abuse occurs. Hell, essentially.
We have gym for our next class- get your ass ready.
#gyms #gym #gum #gyn #gin
作者 25th Drummerboy 2015年5月22日


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