Hory As Maori
"Hey lets get a tinny from hemi" blurted Weymouth boy 1, "ah fuck hemi hes a ham and sells shit weed" said another of the Weymouth boys.
作者 old skoolar 2013年5月26日
Ham is a beautiful, cute, sexy, gorgeous, hot girl. Just a good looking girl. It's as simple as that!
Hey Frank!!! Check out that Ham over there!
Hey!! That's my Ham!

That's some Ham right there!
I'd like a piece of that Ham ;)
That was some good Ham :p
作者 TheHamMan 2013年11月01日
Cut of meat from a thigh of a pig, usually cured.

Also the son of Noah.
John: Hey can you get me some ham at the grocery store?
Lana: Yeah, sure!
作者 P_seudonym 2012年7月28日
cured meat from a big
I'll have to do some p90 after eating all that ham
作者 ilovelondon88 2012年4月06日
pussy, vagina
Kristy is comin over tonite, Im gonna smash out that ham.

Damn shes hot, I wonder what her ham looks like.

When she takes off her pants, her ham better not look like pinata roasted beef.
作者 Timothy Bryce 2011年12月29日
H.A.M = honeybadger ass motherfucker
"I went HAM on those CPC's!"
作者 gerri2011 2011年12月11日
Going hard as a mother fucker
He went ham on that cheeseburger
作者 Aavb 2011年10月28日
Ham is the best meat ever
My ham sandwich was great
作者 Señor Steve 2011年10月21日



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