hot ass mess
damn i didnt know josh and fred were such hams
作者 Brendo835 2009年3月28日
Hot Asian Man/Men. Can be found at beaches with out shirts. Are realted to HAW's (hot asian women). Love it when u smack that!!! <3
Damn!!! That HAM wanted me to rub sunblock all over his sexy body!!
作者 Krazychichi18 2007年5月02日
Hot Ass Mess
Tyler: Look at that sexy ham walking over here
Paige: did you just call your girlfriend a ham?!
Tyler: yeah you know... Ham = Hot Ass Mess
Paige: You just called your girlfriend a mess...
Tyler: A hot one at that...
作者 greynjack624 2011年3月31日
Ugly, extremely ugly.
You mess with her? Gross cuhhs that bitch is hammered . " OR " Dont talk to me, you're ham
作者 kayja 2010年12月28日
Verb - To Ham
To gain weight, usually to the point of obesity.
Wow, the girl used to be so pretty, then she hammed up.
作者 Thereisnoonebythisname 2010年7月19日
Hot Ass Mess
"Can someone please help out that HAM over there?'
作者 galmbitch 2010年5月18日
a simplified way of stating that something is sweet, cool, rad, or awesome. It is also loosely used for the object known as a 'Conveyor Belt' .
Where'd you get dem Nikes? Damn those are ham!
作者 tonyrave69696969696 2010年3月24日



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