to get loud on a person or to go crazy.
"Im went ham on that girl today."
作者 nilaun 2009年12月17日
acronym for Hard as a Mutha

or Hysterically actin monkey
I go ham on a bi**ch, like a sandwich
作者 da jugganaut 2009年7月31日
hard ass a motherfucker
That girl over there got me on ham.
作者 Chris Towsnend 2009年1月10日
a Hot A$$ Mess; when something is or looks terrible
Her new hair doo is a HAM!
作者 emjaye1205 2010年11月23日
A lame, useless person. Someone who sits there and does nothing. Like a ham.
Why can't he do something with his life? He is SUCH a ham.
作者 Benson McGee 2010年11月15日
A Hot Asian Mami.
Damn strolled through Chinatown and seen about 5 Hams, I hope their down with that sucky sucky 5 dolla!
作者 Johnny Cabahala 2010年10月08日
When an artitsts drops a song or verse that is raw as ever
Wiz Khalifa went ham on that Kush and OJ mixtape
作者 purple knight 2010年6月14日



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