To have casual sex, usually implying with someone on the regular.
Is that what the kids are calling it these days? Hanging out?
作者 Stroll 2004年8月30日
To dry ones clothes and other linen by means of naturally occurring wind currents, usually via a line or a cord transfixed to a hook that is usually on a pole, but can also be attatched to a hook or fixture on the wall of a building.
Mark went to hang out his clothes to dry, cuz he don't have a maytag dryer. What a cheap-ass!
作者 TonecasT 2004年6月19日
Code for getting together to have sex, especially among gay and bisexual men.
"We should definitely hang out again soon." --email I received from a trick.
作者 Teabone 2004年3月27日
hang himself or herself
the guy just hang out himself.
and he died on the spot
作者 thuya 2004年9月09日
Let's "hangout"
作者 victoria9 2016年6月20日
1. When people chill and do things together

2. The term assholes use when they have no intentions of doing anything but fucking
He asked me to "hang out" yesterday but ended up driving me out to the hook up spot, he's such an ass.🐴🙄
作者 ThatOneGirlWhoLovesGates 2016年6月09日


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