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Someone's lack of clearness or honesty in a relationship, with the purposeful orientation of confusing the partner and prompting stronger affection as well as emotional dependence in him/her.
She was into head games when she did not call me for the whole week.
#head game #head games #relationship #lack of sincereness #dependency
作者 Marcelo25Rio 2006年7月04日
Derives from the phrase "giving head". Refers to a girl's (or guys) ability to perform fellacio.
That bitch got some bangin head game.
That ho aint got no head game.
作者 Victoria 2005年2月24日
Psychological manipulation used to confuse and deceive people. This is a famous, generations old definition for this term, as opposed to all these silly sexual definitions that have been added.
"I spent four hours at the police station, putting up with all their head games (interrogation) until they finally let me go."

"I don't like talking to (manipulative person), he's so full of head games."
#head #game #manipulation #screw #bend #mind #psychology
作者 JeffreyC4 2012年2月28日
The way to describe the style of how a female gives head.
"Aw man! Her head game is tight!"
#dome game #knowledge #brain #headgame #suckemup
作者 Denisha 2006年4月30日
The way a girl gives head or a dude eats her out
My girlfriend said my head game was crazy

#head #game #eat #out #pussy
作者 Rashad2012 2008年9月29日
givin brainsz, eatin out
"hows your head game?"

#dun #wat #to #write #here #styll
作者 LocMamii 2006年4月08日
when a person makes his/her potential sex partner to graphically describe everything about the promised sexual act, and then never talk/chat back to them.
Likely used for self stimulation in chat rooms.
I am not into head-games
作者 Indigo 2005年3月05日


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